Nutrition is a science of calories and carbohydrates but it is also an art - art of persuasion, altering the dietary habits keeping in mind clients’ lifestyle - their likes, dislikes, what is practical, doable and sustainable. Nutrition is the cornerstone in the prevention and treatment of many if not most of `lifestyle diseases’ that afflict us.

Your dietary habits can play an important part in treatment of




» Abnormal cholesterol / lipid levels » Coronary heart disease


High blood pressure (hypertension)


Gout ( elevated uric acid levels )
» Fatly liver (NASH) » PCOD (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome)

With change in dietary habits, we have been able to prevent, delay and control the progress of these diseases - in terms of reduction or even elimination of medication and have been able to improve the quality of life, substantially.

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical nutrition therapy is also very important in 
- Chronic renal failure / nephropathy                            
- Underweight
- Eating disorders : Anorexia and Bulimia
- Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( IBS)
- Osteoporosis
- Cancer treatment
- Low energy levels                                 
- Food intolerances such as gluten-free diet   


2. Nutrition for the Healthy  Population
Nutrition also plays a very important role in healthy population. The population groups that benefit the most from nutrition inputs are
- Pregnant women
- Growing children
- Gymming  population, who can get the best out of their workouts if they optimise their nutrition   
3. Nutrition Program For Corporates  

With the increasing awareness and the obvious benefits observed, lot of corporates are paying more attention to the health of their employees and also to their eating habits. We have devised nutrition programs for corporates, which may involve devising a weekly healthy menu for the in-house canteen, group lectures to individual counselling for the employees.    

4. Brand Endorsements
Niti's expertise has been sought in promotion and endorsements of different category of foods.
Some of the brands that she has worked with are
- Lipton Green Tea
- Lipton Yellow Label
- Moo icecream (calcium - fortified)
- Nutrela's soya drink and more.

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